Regional Sales Manager

Neils Ludlow | Contractor’s Specialist

Insurance for Contractors by a Contractor!

Neils Ludlow Brashears InsuranceFor more than 20 years, Neils Ludlow has served his construction industry clients with confidence, capability, and excellent service. Neils has owned and run his own construction company with sales in excess of $10 million. He knows what is important to have for coverages that you need and how to represent you to the carrier and translate from constrictioneze to insurance language and back again.

Neils Owned His Own Construction Company

Neils Ludlow has more than 20 years in the construction industry.  He co-owned and managed a general engineering company (family business) for ten years, with over $11 million annual revenues.  His company worked in paving, grading, concrete, and landscape work with 80+ employees.

Neils Delivers Contractor-Specific Solutions

As a construction company owner, Neils Ludlow learned first-hand about the needs and pitfalls of securing insurance and reducing risk in this industry.  Now, as an Insurance Professional with over fifteen years of experience in all aspects of commercial insurance related to the construction industry, Neils brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients.

For Contractors, Neils has experience with all these:

  •   Lowering your cost of risk
  •   Better pricing for contractors
  •   Better coverage for contractors
  •   Certificates of Insurance (24-hour turnaround)
  •   Driving down Worker’s Comp costs (occupational medicine/safety process)
  •   Matching policy to contracts (reducing costs / managing risks)
  •   Helping manage risk control
  •   Opening up more bid opportunities (policy coverage exclusions)

Neils Knows Your Needs, and Protects Your Assets

Brashears has access to all types of business insurance, including: