Personal Lines manager

Kelsi Gordon | Personal Lines Manager

Years in the insurance industry: 10

Kelsi Gordon Brashears InsuranceKelsi Gordon is a Long Beach, Calif.-native who graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics. While at UCSB, Kelsi studied abroad in Spain for six months, and enjoyed traveling western Europe and expanding her bi-lingual skills. She is proud of the fact that she has completed 2 full marathons, 6 half marathons, 4 sprint triathlons, and multiple Crossfit competitions.

Kelsi is married to her husband Jeramy, and they have two kids Reagan and Lincoln. They enjoy going on boating trips as a family. They stay busy and active with school, sports, and church activities. Kelsi’s first job out of college was at Allstate Insurance, and she has been at Brashears since 2011. Kelsi loves being part of an independent agency that has access to multiple carriers. She specializes in personal and business insurance, including home, auto, general liability, and worker's compensation. She loves helping first-time homebuyers and start-up businesses with the goal of making the insurance process easy.

Kelsi values working with quality carriers, so she can customize insurance products to fit her client’s needs. She is patient and willing to spend extra time explaining coverage. She helps her clients understand the policies that they purchase, so they can avoid or mitigate potential risks. Kelsi is active in the claims process, whether it be a small auto accident or a large business loss.  She is accessible by text, phone, and email so her clients can always communicate their needs. She is an advocate and works on her clients' behalf for a positive claims experience.

Kelsi Gordon specializes in:

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