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Above and beyond

We all know, insurance is necessary. We may not like it, and the fact that we have to have it is often frustrating and aggravating, but the need never goes away. It can literally save your life and secure your property. It is a must. I have learned through time that the most important thing when purchasing insurance is to find a person who can be trusted based on their integrity and knowledge of the industry. Mike Brashears is that guy. Brashears Insurance has always had my best interest at heart, and consistently goes above and beyond to help me breathe easier. Thanks Mike!

Bob Napp

Highly Recommended

Mike and the folks at Brashears Insurance are really great to work with. They took the time to carefully review our existing business insurance policy and found some serious holes in it that could have sunk our company if, god forbid, something bad were to have happened. They wrote us a new policy that offered us more complete coverage at a great rate. We have now been with Brashears Insurance for almost two years and I can highly recommend them for home and business insurance.

Jon Roach

unique expertise

They are at the top of the insurance game. They know the business and know how to protect their clients’ interests.


Absolutely The Best

Mike Brashears is without doubt the best insurance representative I have ever worked with. He takes personal interest in my life, my portfolio, and every problem I present him with. He always shows up, is always available by phone or email, and has given me the best advice of any previous rep. What else can I say? THANK YOU MIKE AND ALL YOUR PEOPLE.

David Debin and Berna Kieler

We have been working with

We have been working with Mike Brashear’s for more than 12 years. We have always found him to be involved and very well informed. Until recently we have had very few claims, but with the fires and mud slides in Santa Barbara, everything changed. Our lives were upended and we spent almost a month being evacuated. Mike was with us all the way. Claims were filed and we were repaid in a very reasonable time for all of our expenses. I highly recommend the Brashear’s Agency.

Sandy and Jerry Oshinsky

Saved our event

I cannot thank Mike and Brashears enough for helping me secure insurance for an event we hosted in Santa Barbara. I called ~20 different brokers in both Canada and the US and none could find a policy that fit my needs — until Mike (water event, company based outside of the US). So thrilled. Thank you Mike!

Jacqui Murphy

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